Remote Insourcing

You already know what outsourcing means. At the other end of the spectrum you have insourcing, that is, bringing everything in house again.

Remote Insourcing is a new concept that allows the best of both worlds. It offers an opportunity to hire developers in-house working from remote facilities. Let's take a look at it with a pretty straightforward chart:

What to compare
Regular employment, in house
Remote Insourcing
Outsourcing with low cost countries
Rates High costs, starting at $90/hr 50% to 60% less expensive, monthly flat fees 70% to 75% less expensive
Infrastructure Added cost Included in the monthly rate Normally included in contract
Liability Severance / Taxes None Cancellation clause penalties
Margin You get all the benefits You get all the benefits Offshore firm keeps margin
Time Zone Your own EST plus 2, we live on the same day EST plus 10 or more, they live "tomorrow"
Learning curve 5-10% 5-10% up to 20%
Scaling up Slow, expensive HR fees On demand, monthly rates On demand, contract based
Scaling down Costly and limited On demand, monthly rates Contract cancellation fees apply
Change management Impacts on schedule, not on budget Impacts on schedule, not on budget Extra billable hours
Transparency It is *your* team It is *your* team Some degree of transparency
Hiring criteria Your HR department Joint criteria Offshore firm criteria
Training Your training Your training Firm training
Intellectual property It's yours It's yours Contractual. Firm keeps method/tools

How does it work?

We analyze your needs and define the required skill set for the position. Team management and supervision options are also agreed with your existing staff.

We present our candidates. In case your staff needs are not met by any existing team member we scout for more talent. Our recruiting staff are seasoned software developers. People knowing what to look for. People who know the tricks of the trade and are qualified to test candidates. The process can take a maximum of two weeks. Our San Luis location is situated within the La Punta University campus.

Once on board, your new team starts training and working for you at our Buenos Aires or San Luis offices. Different country, yet almost the same time zone.


Any small print?

No. We use a standard contract that protects your intellectual property and states how the team is hired and paid. That simple. No cancellation fees. No staffing fees. Straight to the point.


Ready to start?

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